Artist Statement

As humans we are forever fascinated with ourselves, and so, I paint people. I am looking to find archetypal meaning and understand what it means to be human through my work. I am interested in exploring the universals of love, death, truth, beauty, and desire. I want to understand how we see one another, how we relate psychologically, and how those relations are complex and messy. I have been doing work that has referenced big-picture issues facing our society like climate change or political division, but I am trying to move more towards work that will ring true with viewers in a hundred years from now, and not just in the present political age.

Chiaroscuro is an excellent vehicle for the high drama I seek, like that of the Baroque age. I borrow painting techniques from Caravaggio. I am looking to tell a narrative in my work and keep viewers engaged, exploring what the images mean to them and how these images relate to their lives. I do not wish to be obvious in my narratives, but neither do I want my stories to be obscure; I am aiming for the ambiguous middle ground.