Torn Between Two Versions

Posted on June 24, 2018

I’m really torn as to how to paint this painting of the female gaze. My primary goal is to present a figure that is sexualized, however, he retains his subjectivity; that is, we recognize him as a subject with thoughts and feelings. He is not merely an object for our titillation. I want him to be ‘naked’ and not ‘nude.’ The first image of the figure floating in space will be more like the original Pedro Americo painting ‘The Night’ that I am basing the image on, but it also puts the image in the realm of fantasy/objectifying the subject. I want to complicate the relationship the viewer has with the subject, so perhaps the second version would be better? Or maybe something else between the two? I want to have the most impactful image, and that includes lighting, cropping, realism vs painterliness, etc. I’m taking so much into account right now and having a hard time determining what will work best and get my point across.

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